SETech manufactures

and sells Torque Transducer, Load cell, Nut runner, Indicator,
LVDT, Amplifier as overall measuring Instrument brand.





MS-2000, MS-2500

MS-2000은 저속부터 고속까지 RPM 측정에 적합한 hall 소자를 이용하는 magnetic-type 탐지기입니다.
Magnetic-type 탐지기는 내부에 홀 전극, 영구적 자력, DC 증폭기 그리고 전압 조절기를  사용하며, 유동에 반응합니다. 장방형 파형은 고속을 통해 저속 통해 저 속도로부터 끌어냅니다.
Detection Method Hall element
measurement range 1㎐~20㎑(using a60P/R gear, 1~20,000r/min,
with an output waveform duty cycle is 50%±20%)
Detection gear Strong magnetic materials(modulus 0.5~3, tooth width 3㎜ or greater)
Power supply used DC 12V±2V(0.5Vp~p or less ripple)
Current consumption 40㎃ or less(12V, at 25℃)
Output waveform Low level;+0.5V or less, High level;5V±0.5V rectangular waveform(With no load)
Output impedance Approx. 330Ω
Output type Floating ground
Protective circuit Power supply polarity and output short protection.
Operating temperature range -10℃ ~ +70℃
Protective circuit -20℃ ~ +80℃
Matching connector 6-pin connector (type R04-PB6F plug)
Allowable vibration
(during operation)
double-ended 1.2mm at 30㎐ in X, Y, and Z direction for one hour each.
Allowable shock(non-operating) 490㎨ in X and Y direction each 3 times.
Withstand voltage 1.DC 250V, 1min.(between shield and signal cable)
2.DC 205V, 1min.(between shield and sensor head)
Interface indicator YD-10M, YD-20M, YD-30M, YD-7512
weight Approx.80g (including two mounting nuts)
Accessories Mounting nuts(2)